When ordering your new window shades you can choose from many available styles and options to raise and oparate most Natural patterns in our Artisan collection. Please contact us at (830) 608-0694 if you have any questions.

Roman Shade Roman Rollease Old Style Roman Top Down Bottom Up
Roman Shade Roman Rollease Old Style Roman Top Down Bottom Up

As a shade is lifted from the bottom it forms soft folds that will fit under the valance when completely raised. Cordlock lift system is standard with Roman Fold Shades.

A clutch mechanism and continuous pull chain makes it easier to lift larger shades and prevents cords from tangling.

Shade is mounted on front of headrail without a valance, for a clean look. Lift system operates from back of shade with cords or chain hidden.

Shade can be raised from the bottom, or lowered from the top, letting light in from the outside while maintaining privacy.

Multiple Shades One Headrail Motorized Shades Arched Window Angle Top Shade
Multiple Shades, 1 Headrail Motorized Shades Arched Top Angle Top

An option for wide openings is to divide the width into two or three individual shades mounted on one headrail with a 1/4" gap between each shade and a continuous valance. Maximum total width 120.” (No extra charge; priced as 2 or 3 separate shades)

Adding a motor provides the convenience of operating shades with a remote control or a wall switch. Minimum headrail width for motorization is 28"W.

Stationary arches can be custom made for arched windows using customer supplied templates. Choose solid or translucent styles. Available as part of the valance or as a stand alone.

Windows with angle tops can have custom made shades to fit customer supplied measurements.

Roller Shade Shade with edge binding Roman Rib Shade Casvada Fold Roman Shade
Roller Shade Edge Binding Roman Ribs

Cascada Fold

Shade rolls around roller from the top and hides behind the valance. Clutch is operated by a continuous loop chain. Standard 1” width deduction for RollEase mechanism. Not available with lining. Not available in ARTISAN Leather.

Fabric bindings give woven woods shades a custom look. Choose from 6 complementary colors, or supply your own factory approved fabric.

Pleats are moved to the front of this roman shade and filled with thin metal dowels to add structure and weight. Excellent shade style for lighter weight patterns. Not available in ARTISAN Leather.

Retain the beauty of overlaying folds when the shade is raised. Instead of folding completely under the valance, as with Roman Fold, the cascading folds remain visible.

Panel Track Hobbled Shades    
Panel Track Hobbled Shade    

Fixed panels are mounted on a track system for ease of control on larger windows. Not available in ARTISAN Leather.

Retain the beauty of overlaying folds even when the shade is lowered. (Standard Roman Fold is flat when shade is lowered).


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